Frequently Asked Questions

Do you drug screen at Bridges Sober Living?  

●     All clients are tested for drugs and alcohol with both a BACtrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer and a 12 panel CLIA Waived urine test cup. Clients must submit to a minimum of one weekly UA screen, 3 breathalyzers as well as any ‘on demand’ drug test we deem necessary

What happens if I relapse?  

●     Any client who tests positive for alcohol or drugs must leave the premises, so as not to put other client’s recovery at risk

●   We try our best to ensure that a client who relapses ends up in detox, emergency care, crisis care, treatment, or a safe place, such as with family. If the client was referred by a treatment or recovery center, the client will be directed there for crisis/clinical work if possible

●   Re-admittance: A client who has been a positive member of our community, may be allowed to return under certain conditions

What kind of medication do you allow at Bridges Sober Living?

●     Suboxone is an approved medication

●     Methadone is an approved medication provided that:

- Client receives a daily dose from their Doctor or clinic.

- Client does not possess more than a single (1) day dose.

- Client does not 'nod' or otherwise appear intoxicated.

●   The following prescriptions are not permitted: any psychostimulants (including Adderall and Ritalin), any benzodiazepines (including Xanax, Valium and Klonopin), and any opiates other than Suboxone or Methadone (including Vicodin, Norco's, Oxy’s and Opana), any barbituates (including Seconal, Phenobarbital etc)

●     Otherwise we defer to the client’s doctor’s prescribed orders. All prescription medications must be taken as prescribed and must be kept locked in each client’s supplied lock box at all times

●     All prescription medications are self administered and kept secure in their personal med locker.

What are the requirements for recovery and relapse prevention?

●     All client's must attend no less than four (4) recovery meetings per week

●     Recovery meetings can be evidence based (such as Smart), 12-step or other recovery program. All clients in a 12-step program must have a sponsor within the first 30 days.

●    We will modify the recovery meeting requirement to accommodate any client’s PHP, IOP, support group or other therapeutic treatment schedule according to the clients’ needs

Can I work while living at Bridges Sober Living?

●     Yes! Work, volunteer work or schooling is a requirement for Bridges' clients

● Clients must be students, employed or volunteer 25 hours per week minimum, or acquire employment within the first 30 days

Can I have my car, cell phone and laptop/tablet?

●     Yes. Client's will need all possible resources as they integrate recovery into all areas of their lives

Does Bridges Sober living provide any meals or food?

●     No. However, Bridges does provide all cookware and dishware

Can I bring my pet?

●     No. Animals are not permitted

What are the requirements/expectations for living in the house?  

●     Stay 100% Clean and Sober

●     Follow all Bridges Sober Living house rules

●     Be respectful to each other, managers, visitors and neighbors

●     Make their bed upon awakening

●     Keep themselves and all areas of the house neat and clean

●     Complete the assigned weekly community chore effectively and on time

Will I have a curfew?

●     For the first 30 days, curfew is 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and 1:00am Fridays and Saturdays

●     After 30 days, the client’s curfews may be extended by an hour to 12pm & 2am

●     Curfew exceptions will be made for work schedules, child visitation and distant court dates

Are there meetings in the house to attend?  

●     Once per week, our live-in managers chair our ‘community recovery meeting’

●     Immediately following the community recovery meeting is the ‘wrap up’ meeting, where we check on everyone’s progress and address house issues

●   In keeping with our philosophy, clients who work or have a scheduled IOP or other therapeutic appointment that coincides with these house meetings will attend the IOP or other therapeutic appointment instead of the house meetings

Can I have visitors?  

●   Yes. The house manager must be contacted prior to any visitor arriving at Bridges. Girlfriends or boyfriends are not permitted as visitors.

How do I get an overnight pass?

●  After 30 days, any client may apply for an overnight pass. If the client has been fulfilling his commitments and has been a positive influence he may be granted overnight passes. The client must submit to an alcohol and drug screen immediately upon his return

●     We may make exceptions client for work schedules, child visitation and distant court dates


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