Bridges Sober Living Chicago

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You may be asking yourself "How do I get in?" and "What are the rules like?"

There are only a few things you'll need to begin your new life at Bridges Sober Living:

  • Be able to pass a drug screen
  • Have a strong desire to stay clean and sober
  • Have a good attitude and the ability to get along with people
  • Be willing to follow our simple house rules
  • Pay 1/2 month service fee at your intake

If you're familiar with sober living homes, then you'll already know our general rules:

  • Stay 100% clean and sober at all times
  • Go to a minimum of 4 recovery meetings weekly. These meetings may be; evidence based, 12-step based, religious based or other type of approved recovery meeting
  • Return home before curfew
  • Always keep your personal and community areas neat and clean
  • Complete your twice weekly house chore
  • Be a positive, respectful, contributing member of the Bridges Sober Living Community
  • See our FAQ page

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